The combination of nanomicelles with terpenes for enhancement of skin drug delivery

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Graphical abstractThe nanomicelles have recently drawn a great deal of attention for drug delivery into the skin. However, these carriers have only deposited in hair follicles and furrows, and drug in the micelles may not therapeutically reach into viable skin layers. The aim of this study was to formulate a combination of nanomicelles with terpenes to overcome this challenge and evaluate their potential for topical drug delivery into the skin. The nanomicelles were characterised with respect to size, size distribution (PDI), zeta potential, morphology and encapsulation efficiency (%). The drug accumulation and penetration were examined by tape stripping method in the skin. The colloidal stability of nanomicelles was followed with respect to size and PDI values. The nanomicelles were about 25–30 nm in size with narrow distribution. All of them had slightly negative surface charge, spherical shapes and high encapsulation efficiency (%). The tape stripping data revealed that nanomicelles consisting of terpinolene led to accumulation of more drug in the stripped skin as compared with commercial product and nanomicelles without terpene. Also, micelle formulations consisting of terpinolene (2.0%) had the highest colloidal stability. Consequently, combination of nanomicelles with terpinolene could be a feasible approach for enhancement of skin drug delivery.

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