Towards a better understanding of dry binder functionality

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It is of great importance to get a deeper understanding of the binding behaviour and functionality of different types of dry binders, since dry binders are crucial to ensure appropriate properties of dry granules and tablets. Based on previous studies, the most effective dry binders of chemically different types have been chosen to apply a new approach analysing the compressibility of tablets made from pure dry binders. Therefore, tablets were compressed at different tableting speeds to reveal binding behaviour of dry binders. Viscoelasticity, plasticity or abrasiveness were derived from force-displacement curves of tablets, which were manufactured at varying tableting pressure. In addition, elastic recovery, tabletability, fracture energy and out-of-die Heckel analysis were performed in order to get a comprehensive understanding on mechanical properties of dry binder for tableting. The new approach indicated explanations for results of previous studies in terms of tablet tensile strength, friability and dry granule properties. It enables a rational selection of dry binders for certain processes.

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