PA 06-6-2190 Knowledge of road traffic accident (RTA) and its risk factors among teenagers of pokhara, nepal

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BackgroundTrauma is the leading cause of death in the first 4 decades of life worldwide and represents a top priority in prevention efforts and is expected to rise. Road traffic injuries can be prevented, and their consequences can be alleviated.ObjectiveThe objective of this study was to evaluate the awareness among teenagers about risk factors of road traffic accident (RTA).MethodsIt was a cross sectional study carried out at Pokhara, metropolitan city of Nepal between 1st January 2017 to 31st March 2017. The assessment was made using questionnaire containing details of Road traffic accident risk factors and Socio demographic details. Findings: In the 456 subjects, the gender distribution showed male preponderance (59.9% vs 40.1%). In total 12.3% drove motorized vehicles and 39.5 Bicycle. There was a relationship found between gender and type of vehicle driven (p=0.02), common way of reducing fatality amongst motorcyclists and bicyclists (p=0.03), most vulnerable class of drivers (p=0.01), vehicle factors such as braking, type of vehicle, handling, and maintenance play a role (p=0.01), factor most important in impairing one’s judgment during driving (p=0.001), defect in road layout, design, maintenance cause increased road traffic injuries (p=0.006), training on basic trauma care is essential amongst teenagers (p=0.001). No relationship was found between gender and Single most common traffic rule violation (p=0.406), improper use of seatbelts and child restraints an important risk factor for RTA (p=0.04), Increased Death due to Road traffic injuries is because (p=0.07).Conclusion and policy implicationsThis study reveals the urgent need of training on basic trauma care in Nepalese population. So, Nepal government and health ministry have to gear up the community based interventional programs. Keywords: Road Traffic Accident, basic trauma care, cross sectional study.

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