PW 1885 Develop a participatory process of network partners in prevention and solve the road accident on mittraphap road, municipality, khonkaen

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KhonKaen has Mittraphap Road as the main road in its municipality, which covers a distance of 14 km. There are 500 to 600 road accidents and average 15 deaths per year. One of the major causes of these accidents is exceeding the speed limit.


This study aimed to encourage the participation of network partners in preventing, solving and reducing road traffic accidents.


The study was conducted using participatory action research (PAR), which consists of six steps, and the major focus was speed control. The duration of the study was from 2014 to 2017.


In 2013, which is prior to the implementation of speed control measures, 559 accidents wereoccurred, 542 people were injured and 22 people died. After the operation of speed control measures, in 2014, the road accidents were reduced to 535 cases, a decrease of 4.29%. The injuries were reduced to 496 cases, which is 8.49% reduction, and occurrence of 9 death cases, which is 59.09% decrease. In 2015 to 2017, there were 293, 279 and 330 accidents, 357, 330 and 384 cases, and 14, 16 and 2 deaths, respectively. The frequencies of accident and case number show relatively little reduction. However, the number of deaths has decreased significantly.


Encouraging the participation of network partners to solve the road accidents cases reduces the number of accidents, particularly casualty rate. It also strengthens workforce network, which leads to success in addressing accident. This process and system should be delivered to other municipalities.

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