PW 2367 Combatting road accidents through behavioural strategies

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The author attempts to explore the current road safety framework in India with a specific focus on powered two-and three-wheelers (PTWs). The paper starts with an underline assumption of driver’s behaviour being the major cause of road accidents and attempts to understand the factors leading to those causes. While doing so, the author explores the macro, meso and micro factor that influences driver’s behaviour. Further, based on the existing secondary data and primary data, captured through unstructured in-depth interviews on risk perception and safety culture of the road users at Bangalore, India, the author attempts to redefine the problem of road safety from stakeholder’s perspective. Furthermore, the author maps the existing legal and institutional road safety framework in India and evaluates it with respect to the International standards and best practices around the world.Lastly, as an attempt to combat accidents, the author suggests behavioural strategies both coercive and non-coercive as a solution to the redefined problem of road accidents. Hence, this paper tends to contribute to the discussion on understanding road safety from the PTWs driver’s perspective to come up with behavioural strategies to combat road accidents.

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