PW 2480 Roadside accident prevention for people passing in tambon pongnok, amphurthepsathit, chaiyaphum province

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The purpose of this research was to: 1) to develop a road accident prevention program for people and 2) to analyze the results of the road traffic accident prevention program for people passing in Tambon Pongnok, Amphur Thepsathit, Chaiyaphum Province. This research is an action research. The target groups used in the research were the relevant network parties in Tambon Pongnok including Sub-district Administrative Organization. Village headman, police officer, Rural Road officers, schools, hospitals and people. The research tools consisted of 1) Road Accident Prevention Project, 2) Accident Record Form for Road Accident Prevention Project Data collection was conducted by activities of the project designed from July 2016 to June 2017. During the operation, it recorded monthly accident statistics by using the duration of 12 months in this project. Data were analyzed by descriptive statistics like frequency and percentage.The study indicated activities of road accident prevention program for public consist of: 1) putting up warning signs at risk points 2) putting curved glass at the dash 3) installing flash lights at the intersection 4) improving the landscape to enhance driving visibility; 5) putting up warning signs in the community and 6) creating a slowdown of speeding in the community area. The results of comparative analysis of deaths and injuries in 2016 and 2017 indicated a decrease in number of deaths from road accidents 50.0%. In addition, the number of injuries by road accidents has decreased by 31.58% and the number of accidents decreased by 18.18%.

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