PW 0138 Health rights inpreventing child ‘integrating sexual reproductive abuse’

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Child Abuse (CA) is rooted in violating Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) by adults. Promoting/integrating SRHR in Social Services (SS) contributes in breaking cycle of CA, thereby protecting the child.


This paper presents abuses, causes, effects of not practicing SRHR. It proposes matrix of Action Plan by integrating SRHR to SS on CA prevention, Child Rights (CR) promotion.


Child-victims came from Dasmariñas. CA cases transpired at home; reported/investigated at police station, filed at legal court of law, Y-2017.


Gathered data from intake, police blotters/reports, filed cases. Qualitative analysis identified various forms of CA. Interventions on family group works applied SRHR’s background/skills of Counselor in educating/counseling client’s victims/relatives to promote child protection.


62 CA cases: Parents’ non-negotiation, refusal of practice SRHR resulted physical injuries of battered wife as witnessed by child. Non-acceptance of FP yielded unwanted/unplanned pregnancies, neglected/abandoned children. Neglected pre-post/natal/maternal care caused complications, child’s death. Rape/incest led trauma/suicide of victim-child. Unsafe/unprotected sex from sexual abuses transmitted STDs to innocent victim-child.


SRHR Interventions by service provider; findings/results on violated SRHR recommend Action Plan by adding SRHR Concepts in SS of Stakeholders thereby; preventing CA. SRHR empower mothers’ rights to development, liberty/security, freedom in promoting family safety. Further recommend duplicating innovative practice/experience on SRHR as implemented by service provider for CA prevention, CR promotion. Non-availing SRHR by parents concluded to: violating rights to life, health care/protection of children. Rights to information/education, to plan family/responsible parenting, rights from torture/ill-treatment promote protection for children. CA brings undesirable effects to the well-being/humaneness of young child’s life. SRHR as component of SS therefore: A strategy in CA prevention, CR promotion at home, family and community.

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