PW 1336 Experience of mexican adolescents with suicide attempt: a qualitative approach

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BackgroundIt is estimated that every 40 seconds, one person commits suicide somewhere in the world, and most who do so are young people. Globally, suicide is the second leading cause of death in the 15–29 age group1. Beyond the statistics of completed suicide, there is a concern since it`s reported that there are 20 suicide attempts, for each one achieved. These young people require integral care for the physical and psychological consequences to avoid future attempts as well as poor development. The objective of our study consisted in analyzing experiences of adolescent to attempted suicide (AS).MethodWe conducted a qualitative study in six states of Mexico. We contacted with the local authorities of Mental Health Program of the Secretary of Health to identify adolescents among 10 at 19 years old, that they had tried to commit suicide in the last year. We design a semi-structured interview to know their experience previous to attempted suicide, the explored areas were: family relationship, relationship with peers, personal, family, school and social stressors; characteristics of suicidal ideation-planning and attempted suicide; attention received in the health services for the suicide attempt.ResultsWe analyzed 49 interviews in five states of Mexico, 10–19 years old. We identified factors in common: early experiences of abandon, cutting, child sexual abuse and family violence. Bullying is common and social hopelessness. They do not identify a future worth living.ConclusionsAt the end of the study, we will get guidelines to design specific policies to help in prevention of suicide in adolescents.

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