PW 1318 Using the media prevent child injury: developing a mediasurveillance database

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Intervention programs and policy to reduce child injury should be based on up-to-date, focused and in depth data. Data on child injury mortality in Israel is managed by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). CBS data is published following a two year delay and cases of injury deaths are derived based on a medical review of the injury results. Beterem- Safe Kids Israel identified a need to establish a child injury data collection and coding process based on alternative sources available in Israel. Beterem developed a unique and innovative database based on information published in print and online, national and local media, in Hebrew, Arabic, English and Russian. Work processes and technological interfaces have been developed that enable the collection, compilation and dissemination of detailed and current data on child injury mortality. The coding and classification of injuries in the database is based on the Minimum Data Set (MDS) standard for injury surveillance recommended by the World Health Organization. In Israel, the media consistently and comprehensively reports child injury mortality. The validity of the data has been reviewed based on repeated comparison to the national CBS data. The Media Surveillance Database has compiled 10 years of national child injury fatality data. The database has proven to be of importance to a variety of stakeholders, providing up-to-date and detailed information on child injury mortality in Israel. The database serves as a basis for publication of reports, position papers, and articles, for setting goals and as the basis for intervention programs, legislation and policy.

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