PW 0744 From role of the searcher drowning victims lead to drowning prevention in the community, nakhon ratchasima province, thailand

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Started operation since 2012 by taught the children and those interested learning about water safety, how to survive by floating in the water and use the easily floating devices (Empty plastic bottles) that assists to buoyancy themselves and how to help the others from drowning in correctly by offered free course 1 time a month and build up the team networking of the community.


After operated, the student of Primary Education Level 1–6 trained practical part of 35 000 students, to be the instruction volunteers networking of 1600 volunteers and operated covers the sub-districts of 32 districts of Nakhon Ratchasima Province.


Drowning is preventable with operations in simple measures focused skills training for the children, creating the volunteers networking, manage the risk water wills under participation of the community it increases the chances of survival from drowning for the children.

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