PW 1642 Main outputs of the II international congress on drowning prevention (ciprea)

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IntroductionThe International Congress of Drowning Prevention is an educational event organized by the Royal Spanish Lifesaving Federation (RFESS). It is a biennial opportunity to gather experts, researchers, systems and information on drowning prevention, rescue, lifesaving and water safety.This second edition will be held in Malaga from October 12th to 14th, 2018 and will have the collaboration of more than 130 experts from around the world.ObjectivesTo present the main outputs from CIPREA 2018.To Know the main technological advances in the drowning prevention field.To disseminate the main initiatives carried out and their main results.To share proposals and actions that help to reduce the global number of drownings.MethodsDuring the congress, works will be distributed and presented in eight areas (prevention, data, education and sport, rescue, medicine, natural disasters, migrants and refugees and innovations).The chair of each of these areas will be responsible for collecting main conclusions from each and, subsequently, they will be presented during the closing ceremony.ResultsOnce the congress is over, a report will be made with the main conclusions from each of the work fields, with special emphasis on those initiatives that can help to prevent the number of drownings that are currently happening in the world.ConclusionsDrowning deaths are a big problem worldwide, so unifying criteria and sharing knowledge and experiences seems the only viable way to reduce them.

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