PW 2461 Road safety project in nong saeng provincial primary school

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Nong Saeng Kindergarten is located on the road between Nong Saeng – Kumphawapi district. DriveS SUally drive at speed. Another problem is that most drivers do not follow and respect traffic discipline. They are not aware of wearing helmets and allow their children to drive a motorcycle without having valid driver’s licenses. Therefore, ‘Safe Driving Program in Nong Saeng Kindergarten School’ is organized.ObjectivesTo focus on students to be aware of traffic discipline, understand traffic rules, aim to make student have volunteering mind, love their works and have self-discipline. It also aims to instill bus drivers, parents who drop off and pick up students to have a mutual sense of safety.MethodsIn terms of operation, there are planned activities to be carried out each year, to improve and to find activities that enhance rider’s awareness of life and to help prevent accidents. Activities under the project are as follows: Traffic Training course for kids-volunteers, Walking Campaign, Making school traffic map and inform any related agents, Traffic Training course for parents who drop off and pick up their children and school bus drivers. In addition, there are activities that promote awareness and discipline of children in schools (promote helmet wearing by collecting points, redemption of the prize by the concept of stamp collection of convenience stores), and voice-over-publicity activities to provide traffic knowledge at noon. Collaboration on strengthening measures for Road Safety (MOU) with Central Victims Protection Company, Nong Saeng Hospital, Nong Saeng Police Station and parent network. Short Story ‘This house has love’ episode ‘when you love someone, wear a helmet’ arranged to campaign on wearing a helmet on Mother’s Day. Organize and develop a physical environment for learning and enhancing road safety, such as providing traffic signs, doing crosswalk and training students to always cross at the crosswalk. Activities that provide knowledge about traffic signs in front of the flag and trading old helmets with the new ones activity, etc. Study Results: teachers who ride motorcycles wearing helmets 100%, the rate of wearing helmets of parents and students has increased.Reviews and summary/recommendationsFrom the operation, there were 30 volunteer students/academic year who volunteered for traffic, no accidents from motorcycles and cars in the school. There was one motorcycle crashed one another in front of the school because one truck made a u-turn suddenly. This accident, the students are safe. But the parents were injured. The problem was solved by placing the cone in front of the school and asking the police teacher to supervise the traffic at school every day.

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