PW 2820 9 thread colors for save liveschild drowning prevention in chumpolburi district, surin province

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BackgroundDrowning was the first cause of the death in children under 15 years old in Chumpolburi District, Surin Province. Death rate was 18.2, 0, 15.3, 0, 26.7 per 1 00 000 childrens. According to the data of Department of Disease Control in 2013 only 23.7 percent of children age below 15 years old can swim. So ChumpholBuri district chose the course of survival swimming, since 2013.MethodThe first phase of the training we give importance to the skills, floating in the water in 6–14 years of age students group. By movable pool and pool the period of 6 hours, we have to evaluate specific skills float only found that children who have been trained through rate of 90 percent. We encountered a problem while training. The childrens behavior were naughty stubborn with age and not intention the practice. The innovative idea ‘9 thread colors, save lives’ can stimulate for their interest, currently receive training and performance evaluation.ResultsThe innovation found that children trained using the innovative ‘9 thread colors for life’ scores than children who did not take training, using innovative is 7.08 and 5.35 points respectively.The trainers were easy to motivation children to intend to learn.Suggestion‘9 thread colors for life’ was innovation can be used to enhance the effectiveness evaluation. To assess children’s skills through training. But more importantly, there should be a defined policy, children 6–14 years has been practice for survival swimming curriculum. And there should be a defined curriculum to learning program in school, teacher can teach thier students about saving life by them self.

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