PW 0184 Applying process driven spreadsheet VB macro method (PSVM) for injury surveillance and prevention research

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The injury surveillance, research and prevention can be executed in medium/small scale engineering or manufacturing industries, until they identify simple methodologies with reasonable investments. In this paper, a case study of Mechanical Engineering Workshop injuries surveillance with research log sheet and prevention methods are grouped in simple spreadsheet, backed up with pre programmed Visual Basic Macros GUIs which will enable for spontaneous decision making about injury prevention. It is an attempt to identify reasonable yet effective methods for injury surveillance, research prevention for medium and small scale engineering and manufacturing industries. The following methods have followed to achieve the objective like Process Identification, Data Entry of Injury from Incident Forms, Creating relevant Injury Tables, Trend analyzing through Data Analytics and Visualization, Visual Basic Enabled Macro for Injury Research and Prevention. It is highly suggested that the following skills and work methods like Spread sheet knowledge, VB Macro basic programming and HSE Knowledge are required to complete this process. As the complete method has developed in simple spreadsheet, the objective can be achieved easily and the budding entrepreneurs will utilize this method.

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