PW 0459 Victorian injury atlas: a web-based tool for exploratory analysis of injury data to support evidence-based decision making in victoria, australia

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BackgroundInjury prevention strategies and policy development rely on injury incidence statistics at population-level. Policy makers need to have timely access to this information in such a way that the data can be easily interpreted to support evidence-based decision-making.ObjectiveTo develop an injury atlas of the State of Victoria, Australia (Vicinjatlas), a web-based application for the exploratory analysis of hospital-treated injury data to support injury prevention policy and practice.MethodsThe Vicinjatlas is developed using the open-source technologies including PostGIS (data storage), Python GeoDjango (web framework for the server), leaflet (client interface) and PySal (python package for spatial analysis). The tool is based on tabled injury hospital admission data from the Victorian Admitted Episodes Dataset, 2005–2016, and population and socioeconomic data (socioeconomic index for areas) from the Australian Bureau of statistics by local government areas (LGA) of Victoria.FindingsThe main functionality of the Vicinjatas is to filter the injury dataset by year of admission, age-group and injury-cause categories (e.g. falls, transport and burns) and display in the form of choropleth maps. The tool can also generate graphs and charts by demographic categories and injury characteristics (e.g. sex, age-group and type of injury) for the whole of Victoria or selected LGA. Additionally, the tool can be used to examine the relationship between injury incidence and average socioeconomic status of the area by generating injury statistics based on the socioeconomic categories of Victoria.ConclusionsThe Vicinjatlas not only provides online access to injury incidence data in Victoria but can also be utilised to investigate injury trends and patterns through data visualisation. The Vicinjatlas is a powerful tool designed to empower injury prevention decision making at all levels and support planning of effective prevention strategies.

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