PW 1012 Safe and barrier- free model township in pindaya, myanmar

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BackgroundMyanmar has high injury burden. For road traffic injury alone, there were 10 809 deaths with the rate of 20 per 100, 000 pop. and ranked 2nd in the WHO region in 2015 (from 6th rank in 2013). Myanmar also ratified Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2011. However, in 2018, the road death rate continues to rise and barrier free environment is still not available.ObjectivesTo develop an integrated intervention model for safe and barrier free environment through community actions and to achieve the SDGs by 2030.To enhance knowledge and understanding of relevant govt. officials, private sector, NGO’s, civil society and public on safety promotion and accommodating PWD, elderly, children, and women on safety and barrier free.MethodsThe draft model was formulated with ultimate goals to include: health, safety, security, accessibility for all especially PWD, elderly children and women. There are 2 major components: 1) safety 2) barrier free environment for all. Pindaya township, in Shan State, was selected due to the strong leadership and intention of a township medical officer who has 7 years of experience working with the community and has achieved outstanding resource mobilization for the public through strong social network within the township and the country. The community team required only technical support from WHO-MOHS. Other resources will be mobilized by the community. The 5 years targets are of the health sector. Other sector’s targets, especially infrastructures, will be by 2030. The exploratory phase to assess the potentiality of the community was impressive and promising. All formal and informal leaders of the community, including parliament members, participated in the discussion on the principle and possible implementation.Findings, conclusion and policy implicationsProject will start March 2018 and results to be reported in the conference.

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