PW 2227 Information system on road traffic injuries in san marino

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San Marino has implemented since 2008 an information system on road traffic injuries that occur on its territory. Data on the Road traffic injuries are detected by Civil Police and Gendarmerie and completed, for the medical aspects, by the first aid of hospital. The statistics office and health authority are the offices that collaborated at the implementation of this system. The information system is based on a data-warehouse that contains information on: date and location of the incident (date-time, street, civic number, road classification, GPS coordinates of the place); characteristics of the accident site (road paving, intersection, road signs, weather conditions); type of vehicles (cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.); nature and presumed circumstances of the Road Traffic Injury (frontal collision, crashing, etc./speeding, distracted driving, etc.); consequences of Road Traffic Injury on the people involved (drivers, passengers, pedestrians, dead, injured, unharmed); first aid reports (report number first aid, date of the report, days of first prognosis).The data are then analyzed and represented in reports using analytical tools and geo-referenced on digital maps in order to identify the ‘critical points’ of the San Marino road system. The report are accessible via the web.The linkage between road traffic injuries and health records allows to analyze the physical consequences that the injured suffer through diagnoses coded in ICD (International Classification of Diseases) by the First Aid and by other medical services or DRG (Diagnosis-Related Group) for any subsequent hospitalizations.This information system allows all the sectors involved (territorial planning, police, health, local communities, etc.) to plan targeted interventions that lead to the reduction of Road traffic injury with strategies that make more safety the critical point and improve the necessary health interventions.The very articulated and exhaustive information system on road traffic injury could become a model for other small countries.

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