PW 2327 How do we know who succeeds and who fails? road safety ngos holding governments to account

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The promises are made, plans are in place – we need to do it now. To help accelerate progress and reduce deaths greater accountability is needed. NGOs will take this role through the Global Road Testimony.The road safety agenda has significantly been advanced through several global commitments, strong sets of global frameworks and WHOs Save LIVES recommendations. The world’s road authorities have a clear roadmap for where to focus and evidence shows that those countries that focus on the recommendations see a fall in fatalities and injuries.But still, a person is being killed on the world’s roads every 30 s. We have an obligation to take all measures in to stop it and what we have done till now is not enough.Currently, there is no means to encourage those who are succeeding, put pressure on those who are failing, or stimulate debate about how the factors driving the epidemic can be best addressed in different settings. Through an accountability tool, the Road Safety Testimony, NGOs Alliance Member NGOs will publish systematic accounts and evaluations. Alliance member NGOs will provide important information on the road safety perspective from an NGO perspective that will contribute to stimulating progress by reporting how and to which extend governments are carrying out the responsibilities they have been entrusted with and signed up to.

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