PW 2332 Investigation of pedestrians’ traffic safety behavior in tabriz

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IntroductionPedestrians are the most vulnerable victims of road traffic crashes. Pedestrian injuries accounts for a high portion of road traffic burden with grate psychological, social and economical damage. The purpose of this study was to investigate Pedestrians’ Traffic Safety behavior in Tabriz city.MethodThis study was a cross-sectional study using observational methods and checklists to collect data. This study conducted in second municipal area of Tabriz city. Each intersection in this area was filmed for six days in certain hours, 15 min a day. Information was extracted using a checklist and analyzed by SPSS software ver.22. Results: In this study, most people were in the age group of approximately 18–34 years (61.6%), male pedestrians were more than women (55.1% male). 24.3% of pedestrians crossed the street, Without paying attention to traffic signs. 20.6% of pedestrians were using at least one distraction (mobile, hand-held, etc.) when crossing the intersections. The most common cause of distraction was talking with a friend (11.3%) and then using mobile (3.6%). overall 13.5 percent of pedestrians had unsafe traffic behavior during crossing the streets that 8.1% of them were accompanied by a type of distraction. We also observed a significant relationship between distraction and unsafe behavior and age group with pedestrian distraction (p<0.05).DiscussionIdentifying factors associated with pedestrians’ unsafe traffic behavior and role of distractions on pedestrians’ unsafe behavior would help to promote safe behaviors by appropriate behavioral and educational interventions.

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