PW 1900 RTI seedlings activities for safety on the road tambon kwangchoi, amphur phukieo, chaiyaphum province

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Kwangjhone Subdistrict Administration Organization is a small community in Chaiyaphum province. It has area 78.6 km2 and located around 60 km from Chaiyaphum with 11 558 population. In 2015, there were 5 road accident-related deaths and statistics revealed that children and youth are the most vulnerable group. Therefore, Kwangjhone SAO initiated a project focused on the road safety awareness by raising awareness among children and youth for the sustainable development. Objective: To reduce the number of road accident-related deaths and to raise awareness among children and youth in Kwangjhone. Kwangjhone SAO has designed a project to educate and raise awareness regarding road safety and traffic-accident prevention among students in the secondary schools. Moreover, the project also created a more systematic data collection of road accident-related injuries and deaths. Results Kwangjhone SAO has consistently educated and raised awareness towards road safety and traffic-accident prevention. By utilizing ‘facilitator’ method, each session is attended by the targeted groups who are 66 students from secondary schools in Kwangjhone. As a result of, educated students have more understanding and awareness towards road safety and prevention of road accident-related injuries and fatalities. In addition, the understanding and awareness are also expanded and perceived among community. Kwangjhone SAO has learned, shared the road safety experience and a more systematic data collection of road accident-related injuries and deaths has leaded to the improvement of risk management for road accidents with cooperation from all sectors. Moreover, 22 accident black spots have been fixed which resulted in a reduced death toll in 2016 (1 death). Furthermore, Kwangjhone SAO received a budget support from agencies to implement and conduct the road accident prevention program which allows the road safety to be communicated and perceived among children and youth through social platforms (Facebook and Line).

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