PW 2911 Factors influencing the fires safety among occupants of residential buildings: a qualitative study

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BackgroundBuilding fires can be a great threat to the safety of residents, along with economic and social damages. Exploring views of stakeholders is a great source for understanding the factors that affect fires.ObjectiveThe purpose of this study is to explore residents’ and stakeholders’ experiences to explain factors affecting injuries from fires in the residential buildings.MethodsThis qualitative study was carried out using Grounded Theory. The study was done in Iran, in 2017. The study participants consisted of 25 people including firefighter, physician, nurse who involved in the provision of health care, people who experienced fires burning and all stackeholders who had practical experience in building fires management. The participants were selected in purposful sampling and data were analyzed with constant comparative analysis through Strauss and Corbin case approachFindings‘Lack of comprehensive approach of the preventive from injuries resulting from fires’ was known as a core variable which was effective on residents’ safety against fires. The findings were classified into four groups of challenges related to structure of building; socio-economic challenges, challenges related to the residents of building and challenges of rescue services.ConclusionBased on participants` experiences, residential building fires and the injuries, resulted by them, are affected by cultural context and also economic, social and geographical situations.Policy implicationsImproving the fires safety, requires different areas of operations from change and improvement of the building construction to change in the beliefs and practices of its residents to make safety against fires.

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