PW 2918 Operational excellence by managing changes in more efficient and controlled manner electronically

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To design the eMoC process tool, a multifunctional team consisting of representatives from different disciplines is required. Implementation included all necessary software and development of training materials. The system can be PC, LAN or web based. It includes a standardized electronic form with and an automatic workflow routing. This system developed by a combination of mandatory and optional workflow steps. The major parts of the eMOC process tool are: 1. Web interface to put links to everything the user would need on one screen. 2. Forms which includes the MOC form with built-in safety and environmental checklists, 3. The workflows. These use information from the MOC form to automatically route the MOC package. Logic blocks in the workflows make the necessary routing decisions. 4. Reports. There are several automatically generated reports. 6. The interactive training place. 7. The User Manual.


The major advantages of an eMoC system involve tracking, documentation and compliance, automatic routing, and automatic reminders. By automating these functions, the chances for human error can be reduced. Also, collecting data is much easier with an electronic system, and using measures and data to manage and improve the system is also simpler. An electronic system can also aid assessments and auditing.

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