PW 0482 Development of collaboration system for accident victims at khon kaen university

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The role of nursing specialists is to lead the Emergency Medical Service unit and has solved problems in the community of Khon Kaen University: KKU. The problem is caring for patients with traffic accidents. This participatory Action Research. Focus on finding a practice that is based on brainstorming. Involvement of parties involved Evaluate the patient service system at the incident site. Develop a security guard to have emergency medical knowledge about the situation assessment. Patient Evaluation, First Aid, Lifting and Moving. There is a workshop to exchange knowledge experience and develope work pattern with emergency medical team. The sample consisted of 100 security personnel. The instruments were the patient service record form at the scene of the knowledge test. Training Evaluation Performance appraisal Interviews and Observation Forms Action Area Khonkaen University Collect data by testing before and after training. After training Asked directly from the interviewee. The interviewer will record the answers in the questionnaire. Observation of the actual work after training. Quantitative data analysis Frequency Distribution Find percentage and standard deviation. Qualitative information Analyze the content, categorize the presentation as an arrangement. Processing time From June 2015 – 2016 onwards.ResultWe have guidelines for patient care services at the scene of KKU campus. There is an effective security guard at the scene. Encourage personnel to be harmonious and encourage the development of emergency medical services with in KKU. Measurement result: 1) EMS Team and Security Team at Khon Kaen University innovative and patient care approach at the scene of KKU. Roughly 100% 2) The suitability of the EMS team is 90% 3) Satisfaction 95% Conclude Good cooperation in KKU. Helps to care for patients at safety points. If the staff understands, they will be able to help the patient properly before the EMS team arrives.

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