PW 2297 A development participation model of prehospital care for aging people at suburban in the northern of thailand

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BackgroundThe increased emergency illness among aging people lead to prehospital care for aging people, especially in the suburban in the Northern of Thailand.ObjectiveTo develop participation model of prehospital care for aging people at the suburban in the Northern of Thailand.MethodsThe 205 Participants of this action research composed of three groups: Supporters; Practitioners were village health volunteers care giver and representative people; researchers were community and academic researchers. This research divided into phases; look phase were rapid assessment procedures and community needs of prehospital care; Act phase were forums and act on prehospital case programs; and evaluation phase. Data collection were using by inept-interview, observation, survey and forums and verified by triangulation investigation and cronbach’s alfa coefficient. Data were analyzed by domain analysis, Freelist analysis, frequency, rank, mean, standard deviation, PNImodified and paire t-test.ResultsThe model consisted of 3components. The first component were structures which based on the context of kinship and reciprocity; health and political human capital; and outsider health facilities. The second component were 4 process; socialization based on the context; co-ordination; supporting; and participation of human capital. The third component were evaluation which composed of After Action Review and empowerment evaluation which lead to change knowledge, perception and self efficacy among participants in the activity program. Besides, its also established the prehospital care and the emergency care information program for the community.ConclusionThe results of this research should be applied to set up policy and planning for service prehospital care in the similar area. Keywords: participation model/prehospital care/aging people/suburban

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