Conductivity of Proton Electrolytes Based on Cesium Hydrogen Sulfate Phosphate

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The conductivity and thermal behavior of cesium hydrogen sulfate phosphate are studied. New composite proton electrolytes (1 – x)Cs3(HSO4)2(H2PO4)–xSiO2 with a high conductivity in the range 60–200°C are prepared, and their transport properties are studied in a broad composition range (x = 0.3–0.95). Their conductivity exceeds that of CsHSO4–SiO2 composites and depends strongly on composition: it reaches a maximum at x = 0.7 (22 vol % SiO2) and drops at higher silica contents on account of percolation disruption. It is shown by differential scanning calorimetry and x-ray diffraction analysis that the introduction of fine-particle silica stabilizes the high-conductivity, disordered state of the mixed salt on the surface of the silica particles.

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