Structure and Properties of Nonstoichiometric La1 − xNaxMnO3 ± γ Solid Solutions

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The structural, electrical, magnetic, and magnetoresistive properties of polycrystalline La1 – xNaxMnO3 ± γ are studied in the range 0.08 ≤ x ≤ 0.16. The solid solutions contain La and O vacancies and crystallize in the space group RJOURNAL/inmat/04.02/00009550-200440070-00012/ENTITY_OV0455/v/2017-10-10T052555Z/r/image-pngc. The Curie temperature of the solid solutions depends not only on the formal charge state of Mn but also on the Na content, the amounts of La and O vacancies, and synthesis conditions. The synthesized materials are potentially attractive as room-temperature magnetic sensors.

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