Structure of Mechanochemical Reaction Products in the Systems CdO(HgO)–Sb2O5(Sb2O3)

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The mechanochemical reactions induced in 2CdO(HgO) + Sb2O5(Sb2O3) oxide mixtures by high-energy ball milling were studied by x-ray diffraction. New pyrochlore and fluorite phases were found to be formed at a high rate. Using thermal analysis, the temperature ranges of the structural and chemical transformations in the reaction products were determined and their compositions were refined. The synthesized materials are characterized by disordered structures, intermediate valence states, high vacancy concentrations, and deficit of the harder component, in line with the earlier proposed model for the reaction zone. The relatively high thermal stability of the metastable compounds suggests that mechanochemical ceramic processing can be used to fabricate unique ceramic materials and nanocomposites.

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