A Comparison of Area-equivalent Phases of Systole and Diastole as a Method for Evaluation of Left Ventricular Movement

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A method of left ventricular motion evaluation is described that does not use the end-diastolic contour as a reference point. The systolic outline in the RAO view was divided into four equal time periods. The systolic outline at the end of each period was paired to the diastolic outline with approximately the same area. Index values were calculated in order to elucidate any existing asymmetry of movement between the anterior and diaphragmatic left ventricular wall. In a group of 14 patients with coronary artery disease without obvious local left ventricular contractility disturbances, pathological asymmetry index values were found in 10. In a group of 16 patients with local left ventricular contractility disturbance, abnormal asymmetry index values were found in eight. This index of assymmetry demonstrated pathological changes of left ventricular motion in spite of a normal appearance of local left ventricular contractility during visual evaluation.

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