Nutritional patterns of Korean diabetic patients: an exploratory study

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Although much is known about the relationship of dietary intake to glycemic and lipid control in persons with diabetes, most previous studies have been conducted with patients in Western countries. Koreans have quite different dietary patterns to Westerners.


To analyse nutritional intake in relation to serum glucose and lipids among Koreans with diabetes.


A descriptive correlational design was used. A total of 154 patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus were recruited from 10 outpatient clinics in Korea. Actual dietary intake was measured by 24-hour dietary recall in a face-to-face interview. Glucose and lipid profiles were measured by serum analysis.


Most Korean diabetic patients reported inappropriate levels of total energy and insufficient calcium intake. low-protein intake was related to high serum glucose and high-fat intake was related to serum high-density lipoprotein.


This study revealed a significant deviation from recommended daily allowances in the nutritional intake of Korean diabetic patients and emphasizes that dietary teaching and counselling must be tailored to clients' specific cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

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