Mating Behavior and Spermatophore Morphology of the Cave Pseudoscorpion Maxchernes iporangae (Arachnida: Pseudoscorpiones: Chernetidae)

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The mating behavior of the cave pseudoscorpion Maxchernes iporangaeMahnert & Andrade, 1998 (Chernetidae), was studied under laboratory conditions. A total of 24 pairings was observed. Mating was divided into three phases: predeposition (dance), spermatophore deposition and transfer, and posttransfer phase. The mean mating duration was 67.3 min based on 10 observations. Spermatophore morphology is described and consists of a stalk, a drop of fluid, and an ε-shaped sperm package. Males and females can mate several times in the same reproductive period. However, consecutive mating was not observed between a female and the same or another male.

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