Adaptation and validation of the Tower of London test of planning and problem solving in people with intellectual disabilities

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BackgroundThere is a need for validated, standardised tools for the assessment of executive functions in adults with intellectual disabilities (ID). This study examines the validity of a test of planning and problem solving (Tower of London) with adults with ID.MethodParticipants completed an adapted version of the Tower of London (ToL) while day-centre staff completed adaptive function (Adaptive Behaviour Scale – Residential and Community: Second Edition, modified version) and dysexecutive function (DEX-Independent Rater) questionnaires for each participant. Correlation analyses of test and questionnaire variables were undertaken.ResultsThe adapted ToL has a robust structure and shows significant associations with independent living skills, challenging behaviour and behaviours related to dysexecutive function.ConclusionsThe adapted ToL is a valid test for use with people with ID. However, there is also a need to develop other ecologically valid tools based on everyday planning tasks undertaken by people with ID.

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