Nonoperative Management of Spleen and Liver Injuries

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The spleen and liver are the 2 most commonly injured abdominal organs following trauma. Trends in management have changed over the years, and the majority of these injuries are now managed nonoperatively. Splenic injuries can be managed via simple observation or with angiography and embolization. Recent data suggest that there are few true contraindications in the setting of hemodynamic stability. Success rates of nonoperative management may be as high as 95%. Liver injuries can be approached similarly. In the setting of a hemody namically stable patient, observation with or without angiography and embolization may similarly be used. As many as 80% of patients with liver injury can be successfully managed without laparotomy. This review will discuss current concepts in nonoperative management of liver and spleen, including diagnosis, patient selection, nonoperative management strategies, benefits, risks, and complications.

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