Anaphylaxis Knowledge Among Pediatric Intensivists in Brazil: A Multicenter Survey

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Objective:To assess the knowledge and practice preferences of anaphylaxis treatment among pediatric intensivists in 5 Brazilian pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) settings.Study Design:The cohort was a cross-sectional sample from 5 PICUs; a 7-question survey was personally applied to participants regarding their professional clinical experience and the first-line drug choices when treating an anaphylaxis episode.Results:Of 43 participant physicians, the majority (83.8%) correctly identified epinephrine as the treatment of choice for anaphylaxis, yet only 41.9% chooses the intramuscular route of administration.Conclusion:This study shows that the knowledge of anaphylaxis treatment is deficient among pediatric intensivists in Brazil. The dissemination of recent World Allergy Organization guidelines on anaphylaxis should be encouraged.

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