Association Between Hemogram Parameters and Survival of Critically Ill Patients

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Aim:Recently, hemogram parameters, such as mean platelet volume (MPV), had been proposed as novel inflammatory and prognostic factors. In present retrospective analysis, we aimed to determine and compare MPV of survived and dead patients whom admitted to intensive care unit (ICU) of our institution.Methods:We recorded hemogram parameters and other laboratory data and demographic characteristics of patients treated in ICU. Patients are divided into 2 groups—dead patients and survived patients. Laboratory data of survived patients compared to those of dead patients.Results:Age, gender, and other laboratory variables were not significantly different between dead and survived patients. On the other hand, MPV of survived patients was significantly higher than that of the dead patients (P = .001).Conclusion:We think that elevated MPV levels in an ICU patient should alert clinicians for worse outcome. Physicians should be more careful in the management of these patients.

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