Andrology at the end of the twentieth century: from spermatology to male reproductive health. Inaugural Address at the VIth International Congress of Andrology, Salzburg, 25 May 1997
European Academy of Andrology Prize, sponsored by Hamilton Thorne Research Ltd
News from the European Academy of Andrology (EAA)
Age-associated endocrine deficiencies as potential determinants of femoral neck (type II) osteoporotic fracture occurrence in elderly men
Frequently subnormal semen profiles of normal volunteers recruited over 17 years
Pituitary, gonadal and adrenal hormones after prolonged residence at extreme altitude in man
Prevalence and risk factors for anabolic-androgenic steroid abuse in Australian high school students
Evidence that peptides derived from the disintegrin domain of primate fertilin and containing the ECD motif block the binding of human spermatozoa to the zona-free hamster oocyte
Regulation of the secretion and synthesis of rat Sertoli cell SGP-1, SGP-2 and CP-2 by elongate spermatids
Successful lowering of epididymal carnitine by administration of pivalate to rats