Prurigo pigmentosa

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BackgroundPrurigo pigmentosa is a rare inflammatory dermatosis of unknown etiology characterized by recurrent, pruritic erythematous papules and gross reticulate hyperpigmentation. It is seen most commonly among young adult Japanese females. Only 20 cases have been described outside Japan.MethodsWe report two female, Turkish patients aged 20 and 26 years who had a pruritic rash with the characteristic clinical appearance and supportive histopathology of prurigo pigmentosa.ResultsThey were successfully treated with minocycline and doxycycline.ConclusionsPrurigo pigmentosa is a relatively new clinical entity, and we believe that a more widespread knowledge of this disease will lessen its misdiagnosis. We find it noteworthy to point out that there may be a predisposition to prurigo pigmentosa amongst the Turkish and Sicilian populations.

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