Primary cutaneous amoebiasis: case report with review of the literature

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BackgroundPrimary cutaneous amoebiasis is a rare clinical entity. The lesions can be successfully treated if suspected and correctly diagnosed. We report an interesting case with review of the literature.MethodsA 25-year-old man presenting with primary cutaneous amoebiasis with extensive involvement of the anterior abdominal wall is described. Correct diagnosis eluded us for 2 years. Clinical suspicion and a simple bedside test (wet drop preparation examination) were sufficient to diagnose the lesion. Successful treatment was achieved with oral Metronidazole followed by split skin grafting. Only six cases of primary cutaneous amoebiasis could be traced in the literature.ConclusionsPrimary cutaneous amoebiasis is extremely rare. Diagnosis is usually not suspected because of its rarity. Cutaneous amoebiasis responds readily to proper treatment, yet, if unrecognized and neglected, produces significant morbidity and may be fatal.

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