Treatment of acquired syndactyly by gauze-fixed epidermal graft after radiosurgery

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BackgroundAcquired syndactyly is a rare disease that occurs mostly after disease, trauma, or other inflammatory conditions. It is usually treated by surgical incision with a flap or full-thickness skin graft, which is very invasive and requires hospitalization.ObjectiveThe objective was to treat acquired syndactyly with an epidermal graft by suction blister after radiosurgery, because this procedure is much less invasive and can be performed in an outpatient base.MethodsA 65-year-old Korean woman had acquired syndactyly after various traditional treatments for tinea pedis. Five days after separation of syndactyly with radiosurgery, we prepared an epidermal sheet by suction blister, placed it on sterile meshed gauze, and applied it to the separated lesion.ResultsThe patient's lesion was completely healed after 7 days.ConclusionGauze-fixed epidermal graft after radiosurgery is a very effective and simple treatment for shallow acquired syndactyly.

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