Quality of life in patients with vitiligo: an analysis of the dermatology life quality index outcome over the past two decades

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SummaryVitiligo is one of the most important skin disorders that does not cause much physical impairment, but due to its disfiguring appearance, patients have disturbances in mental health and quality of life (QoL). The dermatology life quality index (DLQI), as one of the most specific QoL instruments, is now used widely for patients with vitiligo. The main objective of this review is to collect and present detailed information about issues and disturbances related to the QoL of patients with vitiligo by reviewing the DLQI studies worldwide in the past 20 years. The impact of vitiligo assessed by the DLQI varies according to the clinical and demographic characteristics of patients. In the majority of our reviewed studies, women showed more QoL impairment than men did, as did young patients compared to elderly ones, married women with vitiligo than singles, and patients with involvement on exposed sites than those on unexposed sites. Dark-skinned people showed more life quality effects than white people did. Dermatologists should pay particular attention to such patients who experience insufficient QoL, as they require more effort to cure their disease.

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