Clinical and epidemiological profile of patients attended in a vulvar clinic of the dermatology outpatient unit of a tertiary hospital during a 4-year period

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BackgroundVulvar complaints are among the most frequent causes for a woman to visit a healthcare provider. The diseases of this area of the body may be a challenge to diagnose. In this study, we assess epidemiologic and clinical data of patients in an outpatient vulvar clinic in the dermatology department of a tertiary hospital.MethodsWe performed an observational retrospective study of patients who attended our consultation service for vulvar diseases at the Dermatology Division at Hospital das Clínicas da Faculdade de Medicina da USP during a 4-year period. Data were obtained by patient medical records and by phone.ResultsDuring the 4-year period under study, a total of 136 patients were treated in the outpatient service specialized in vulvar care. All patients were included in the study. The most frequent diagnoses were lichen sclerosus et atrophicus (64.7%), lichen planus (8.8%), and vitiligo (8%). We registered that 26.7% of the patients showed extravulvar involvement.ConclusionsWomen with vulvar diseases need specific care, considering not only genital aspects but also all skin changes. In this context, the dermatologist is a very well trained professional to take good and complete care of these patients. However, ideally vulvar clinics should have a multidisciplinary team.

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