Impact of standardized templates and skin cancer learning modules for teledermatology consultations

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Background:Little research has been done in teledermatology to examine the effects of standardized templates and subject-specific learning modules.Methods:We performed a prospective study examining the effects of standardized templates and standardized cutaneous oncology learning modules on teledermatology referrals at Mayo Clinic. This data was then compared to previous teledermatology referrals before standardized templates were adopted.Results:A total of 42 teledermatology consultations were performed during the 4-month study period. The use of standardized templates resulted in an absolute reduction in face-to-face referrals. Teledermatology consultation increased the absolute diagnostic and management concordance by 26.2% (P = 0.02) and 33.3% (P < 0.01), respectively, and decreased the absolute diagnostic and management discordance by 19.1% (P = 0.03) and 31.0% (P < 0.01), respectively. The largest knowledge gaps were identified in cutaneous oncology. Educational intervention improved theoretical referral rates and confidence in diagnosis and management overall.Conclusion:The implementation of standardized intake templates reduces the rate of face-to-face referrals. Teledermatology improves primary care-based dermatological care and reduces theoretical referral rates.

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