Mediators Between Perfectionism and Eating Disorder Psychopathology: Shape and Weight Overvaluation and Conditional Goal-Setting

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ABSTRCTObjective:To examine mediators of the relationship between perfectionism and eating disorder (ED) psychopathology in a clinical sample.Method:Participants were 201 women with a DSM-IV diagnosed ED consecutively referred to a specialist outpatient treatment clinic. Participants completed measures of perfectionism, ED psychopathology, shape and weight overvaluation, and conditional goal-setting (CGS).Results:Evaluation of a multivariate mediator model using Baron and Kenny's (1986) four-step mediation methodology showed that shape and weight overvaluation and CGS significantly and uniquely mediated the relation between self-oriented perfectionism (SOP) and restraint, eating concern, shape concern, and weight concern. The mediator model furthered the proportion of explained variance in outcomes beyond the direct effects model by 28–49%.Discussion:The findings support the conclusion that the relationship between SOP and ED psychopathology in women with a clinically diagnosed ED is mediated by shape and weight overvaluation and CGS. © 2010 by Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

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