Eating Patterns in Patients with Spectrum Binge-Eating Disorder

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Objective:We sought to describe meal and snack frequencies of individuals with recurrent binge eating and examine the association between these eating patterns and clinical correlates.Method:Data from 106 women with a minimum diagnosis of recurrent binge eating were used. Meal and snack frequencies were correlated with measures of weight, eating disorder features, and depression. Participants who ate breakfast every day (n = 25) were compared with those who did not (n = 81) on the same measures.Results:Breakfast was the least, and dinner the most, commonly consumed meal. Evening snacking was the most common snacking occasion. Meal patterns were not significantly associated with clinical correlates; however, evening snacking was associated with binge eating.Discussion:Our findings largely replicated those reported in earlier research. More research is needed to determine the role of breakfast consumption in binge eating.

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