Classification of protein content and technological properties of eighteen wheat varieties grown in Iran

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SummaryThe best method for wheat planning and its food industrial usage is evaluation of its technological properties. Classification of protein content and some technological properties of eighteen important Iranian wheat cultivars were investigated. Statistical analysis revealed, highest protein content (11%), protein quality (SDS = 35.6 mL), hardness degree (63%), in Rooshan of Karaj (I), Zagroos of Ahvaz (K) and Marvdasht of Karaj (O) varieties, respectively. On the basis of the quality, the Zagross of Ahvaz (K), Zarrine of Aurumieh (L), Rooshan of Karaj (I), and Chamran of Ahvaz (D) varieties were recognized for their farinograph and extensograph characteristics (water absorption = 61–65%, dough development time = 2.3–5.3 min, dough stability to break down = 15–19.3 min, mixing tolerance index = 22.3–32.3 BU, valorimetry index = 55–64.3 Unit, maximum resistance to extension = 134–450 BU, dough energy = 11.3–100.3 cm2 and extensibility = 156–179 mm). The dendrogram was classified into four groups and in general, the wheat cultivar K was the most separated from the other cultivars, followed by L and I.

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