Influence of growing conditions on the technological performance of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

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SummarySix bread wheat cultivars were grown in the same environment according to a conventional and an organic agricultural protocol. Hardness, moisture, test weight, protein and ash content and falling number were determined on kernels. Flour yield, particle size distribution and damaged starch were determined on flours together with farinograph and alveograph parameters. Loaves of bread were also baked following a straight dough standardised recipe. Results indicated that protein content was the quality parameter which was negatively influenced by organic farming. Hardness was also negatively influenced in four out of six cultivars, whereas the other technological parameters did not show the same trend for all the cultivars. The milling performance was similar between organic and conventional samples, whereas the differences in protein contents were clearly responsible for differences in rheological properties. As expected, volumes of the organic loaves of breads were significantly lower than those of the corresponding conventional ones.

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