Textural and sensory quality enhancement of sorghum tuwo

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SummaryThe study was focused on the improvement of textural and sensory qualities of sorghum tuwo by the use of hydrothermal treatment in modifying the physicochemical properties of sorghum grains. Flour was obtained from sorghum grains subjected to hydrothermal treatments at temperatures ranging between 65 and 95 °C for varying time intervals of 30, 45 and 60 min respectively. Flours obtained through the hydrothermal processes were found to be greatly affected in both pasting and functional properties as well as in flour yield when compared with flour obtained through the traditional processing methods. The sensory evaluation on sorghum tuwo prepared showed that a particular tuwo sample, D1 (from flour whose grains were hydrothermally treated at 95 ± 1 °C for 30 min), was rated highest in comparison with that from traditionally produced flour in terms of taste, texture (mouldability) and overall acceptability.

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