Fatty acid content of margarines in the Greek market (including trans-fatty acids): a contribution to improving consumers’ information

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The fatty acid composition, including trans-fatty acids, of 15 margarine samples from the Greek market was determined by gas–liquid chromatography. Saturated, cis-monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids have been found in the ranges of 24.1–53.3%, 15.5–50.3%, and 14.3–50.2% of total fatty acids, respectively. The trans-fatty acid content of Greek margarines varied from 0.1 to 19% and was, on the average, lower than previously reported. The high content in saturated fatty acids of the samples examined is criticized. There is significant discrepancy between fatty acid composition and the description of the product on the label. A concise index to describe fatty acid composition is proposed. This index can appear on the label and would give the consumers a much more accurate picture of the fatty acid composition.

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