Honey in combination with vacuum impregnation to prevent enzymatic browning of fresh-cut apples

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This study evaluated the antioxidative capacity of 13 US Northwest honeys from different floral sources and their anti-browning effect on fresh-cut apples. The inhibitory effect of honey on enzymatic browning of fresh-cut apples were studied by simply immersing apple slices in 10% honey solution for 30 min or vacuum impregnating (vacuum at 75 mmHg for 15 min followed with 30 min restoration at atmospheric pressure) in the same honey solution. The 10% diluted high-fructose corn syrup solution was used as a comparison. The surface color of the apple slices was monitored during 14 days of storage at 3°C and 90% relative humidity. Physicochemical properties of the apples immediately after treatment were also evaluated. Wildflower honey had the darkest color and the highest antioxidative capacity among all test honeys. Vacuum impregnation with honey was more effective in controlling browning discoloration than that of simple immersion treatment. Honey in combination with vacuum impregnating operation may have a great potential for developing high-quality fresh-cut fruits.

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