Transient response of a piezoelectric material with a semi-infinite mode-III crack under impact loads

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The problem of a semi-infinite impermeable mode-III crack in a piezoelectric material is considered under the action of impact loads. For the case when a pair of concentrated anti-plane impact loads and electric displacements are exerted symmetrically on the upper and lower surfaces of the crack, the asymptotic electroelastic field ahead of the crack tip is determined in explicit form. The dynamic intensity factors of electroelastic field and dynamic mechanical strain energy release rate are obtained. The obtained results can be taken as fundamental solutions, from which general results may directly be evaluated by integration. The method adopted is to reduce the mixed initial-boundary value problem, by using the Laplace and Fourier transforms, into two simultaneous dual integral equations. One may be converted into an Abel's integral equation and the other into a singular integral equation with Cauchy kernel, and the solutions of both equations can be determined in closed-form, respectively. For some particular cases, the present results reduce to the previous results.

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