Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Expression in the Normal and Inflamed Cervix Uteri: A Comparison with Estrogen Receptor Expression

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Summary:The expression of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) was studied in the normal and inflamed cervix uteri, and the results were compared with estrogen receptor (ER) expression. The study was performed on fresh frozen specimens from 18 cases by means of immunohistochemistry, with application of EGFR1 antibody and an ER-ICA kit (Abbott, Wiesbaden, F.R.G.). The EGFR was expressed by the basal and parabasal layers of ectocervical and metaplastic epithelium and by reserve cells. No cyclic fluctuations in EGFR expression were noted. The glandular epithelium did not express EGFR. Some glands stained positive in the region of the basement membrane. Staining was not diminished in inflammatory foci, in contrast to ER expression, which was trace or absent. This was observed in both normal and dysplastic squamous epithelium. It may be assumed that the change of the normal relationship between ERs and EGFRs influences the process of proliferation and maturation of the squamous epithelium and may play a role in its disturbances.

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